About Us

The Diplomacy Broadcast Network is a home for Diplomacy-related media.  We offer coverage of live events, including tournaments and local league play, as well as regular programming, including hobby news, interviews with prominent figures, game and strategy analysis, and coverage of competitions throughout the hobby.  When in-person events resume, we hope to offer live on-site coverage as well.  We very much hope to move beyond face-to-face and virtual-face-to-face competitions and provide coverage of extended deadline online competitions.

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DBN Board of Directors:
Brandon Fogel
Bryan Pravel
David Hood
Kevin O’Kelly
Zachary Moore

You can contact us at info@diplobn.com.


Email us at info@diplobn.com.  We can’t make any promises, but if you’re playing Diplomacy, we want to know about it.

Email us at info@diplobn.com and tell us all about it. We’re looking for motivated creators with innovative ideas for Diplomacy-related programming.

Maybe!  Email us at info@diplobn.com and tell us about what you’re doing.