Broadcaster Brawl II

In 2021, viewers got the chance to give DBN commentators a taste of their own medicine with the first Broadcaster Brawl (see the broadcast and the moves). On Sunday, March 26, they’ll get another shot with a whole new cast of commentators.  The turnabout will be fair play, but that’s the only thing.

The players were seeded by viewer vote.  Here are the results!

  1. Zach Moore
  2. Tanya Gill
  3. Kevin O’Kelly
  4. Robert Schuppe
  5. Mikalis Kamaritis
  6. Ed Sullivan
  7. Karthik Konath

We’re collecting donations for a shared pool to be split among the players’ charities, with the winner’s charity getting a double share (25% vs 12.5%).  Direct donations to the charities are also welcome, but please let us know if you do so that we can report an accurate total on air.  In 2021, we raised $3,185 over 40 donations.  Can we beat that this time around?  Click below to help us get there.

UPDATE: An anonymous donor has graciously offered to match all donations up to $3000.  Your donation will be worth double!

The Brawlers


Karthik Konath

Playing for
Girls Who Code

Kevin O'Kelly


Robert Schuppe

Playing for 
Malaria Consortium