TotalCon Gaming Convention Open (February 24-26)

TotalCon 37 will be in Marlborough, Massachusetts, which is about 40 minutes away from Boston. It will be Feb 23 (Thursday) to 27 (Sunday). The Diplomacy tournament will be Fri-Sun. Here’s the website to get a jump on the registration.

Registration is $75 for the weekend. We can’t offer our tiered registration, however, it’s important to me that money doesn’t stand in the way of access to our hobby. If you need some assistance with the fee please contact me directly.

Once you register for the tournament you ought to be able to sign up for Diplomacy easily. You’ll need to sign up for each round individually. Finally, use this link for the discount code for the hotel. Should be $154 a night. Also includes “full breakfast,” and if memory serves the breakfast is actually quite good!

The event is finished.


Feb 24 2023



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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Best Western Royal Plaza, Marlborough, Massachusetts


Alex Maslow