Youth Diplomacy Virtual World Championship (6th of July)

The youth diplomacy world championship for virtual face to face (YWDC-vftf) is scheduled to take place Saturday, 6 July 2024 13:00 New York time,18:00 London time and 03:00 (7th of July) Sydney time in the vWDC server (, please DM @varkenskop if you are interested in playing or have any questions about the format. All players under twenty years of age, ranging from first time player to reigning European Champion, are encouraged to participate. The game is 1907 year limited, which means the game is expected to last about four hours in total. The country assignment will take place via a Paris method where the youngest player is the first seed, in case there will be more than one board of players, the boards will be split into different age categories. First place on each board will be declared virtual youth world champion in their respective age category.

The event is finished.


Jul 07 2024


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