Diplomacy Broadcast Network Invitational

Established in 2020, the Diplomacy Broadcast Network (DBN) Invitational is a year-long points competition between players in both the face-to-face and extended-deadline Diplomacy communities, culminating with the DBN Invitational Championship game in February. Players vie to become the DBN Invitational Champion, which distinguishes the one player who not only performs well at DBN qualifying events, but also excels through the pressure of the DBN Invitational Tournament itself.  

Automatic Qualifiers To Date (2021 Season)

NameQualifying Event
Cyrille SevinChampionnat du Monde Francophone 2021
Jason MastbaumWhipping 2021
Karthik KonathDixieCon 2021

Official Standings

The DBN Invitational qualifying events standings are listed below. A player’s points total is the sum of their three best placement scores from qualifying events.  Placement scores are higher for larger events.  Winners of select qualifying events automatically qualify (AQ). Check out the DBN Invitational 101 tab for more details.

Updated through the Boston Massacre (June 26, 2021). Only results from completed competitions are included.   Check out the latest episode of DBNI Countdown.

1Karthik Konath2104.7550%40%
2Jason Mastbaum4100.91016.7%20%
3Ed Sullivan489.41043.3%10%
4Cyrille Sevin176366.7%0%
5Katie Gray267.8560%0%
6Matthew Crill149.2250%0%
7Emm. du Pontavice145.6344.4%0%
8Johnny Gillam345.2625%33.3%
9Morgante Pell444.8922.2%11.1%
10Wes Ketchum237.4530%20%
11Farren Jane1352100%0%
12Seren Kwok333.8580%0%
13Evan Swihart433.5825%0%
14Timothy Crosby232.5616.7%33.3%
15Sacha Massicard130.4333.3%0%
16Tommy Anderson428.684.2%25%
17John Jamieson423.9714.3%42.9%
18Ruben Sanchez122.3333.3%33.3%
19Andrei Gribakov220.6622.2%16.7%
20Hunter Katcher320.279.5%42.9%
21Christophe Borgeat117.4333.3%0%
22Maxim Popov316.456.7%20%
23Natty Shafer316.2616.7%50%
24Candice Rocher114.1316.7%0%
25Noam Brown214.150%40%
26Mikalis Kamaritis313425%50%
27Olivier Prigent111.8333.3%33.3%
28JJ Raymond311.250%40%
29Jonathan Frank31150%60%
30Jean Hitaro110.320%0%
31Luca Pazzaglia110.120%0%
32Andre Janeco310.148.3%50%
33Steven Hogue29.940%25%
34Sabi Ahuja49.486.3%50%
35Christopher Ward49.390%66.7%
36Ben Kellman28.956.7%40%
37Vincent Reulet18.8225%0%
38Andrew Goff28.640%25%
39Jaromir Sulja28.4412.5%50%
40Joseph Michael18.3216.7%0%
41Kevin Grobas17.820%0%
42Robert Schuppe27.130%0%
43Benoit Clergeot1720%0%
44Claude Worrell16.4316.7%66.7%
45Alexandre Dacquo16.320%0%
46Cori Neslund16.220%0%
47Eber Condrell26.2311.1%33.3%
48Rony Mordvinov35.840%50%
49Hal Schild25.8412.5%25%
50Eric Le Morvan15.8216.7%50%
50Remy Hochlander15.8216.7%50%
52Doug Moore15.7133.3%0%
53Liam Stokes15.4311.1%33.3%
54Dave Smith15.320%0%
55Kevin O'Kelly14.91100%0%
56Jerome Bouclet14.910%0%
57Nicolas Sahuguet24.820%0%
59Claes de Graaff24.5333.3%66.7%
60Pierre Blanc14.520%50%
61Jonathan Strange14.3216.7%50%
62Loic Borgeat14.220%0%
63Steve Personeni13.920%0%
64Thibault Brieuc13.720%0%
65Cameron Higbe13.720%50%
66Melinda Holley13.620%50%
67Craig Mayr13.520%50%
68Jorge Zhang13.530%66.7%
69Gregory Blanc13.520%50%
70Aedan Lewis23.440%100%
71Eric Silverman13.320%50%
72Denis Peskov23.340%100%
73Emmett Wainwright13.220%50%
74Myles Holcombe13.210%0%
75Conrad Woodring13.110%0%
75Herve Boulanger13.110%0%
75Lei Saarlainen13.110%0%
78Douglas Kent1320%50%
79Scott Bacon12.820%50%
80Chris Brand12.820%0%
81Ilias Riouch12.720%50%
81Quentin Brunon12.720%50%
81Stéphane Dolowy12.720%50%
81Thomas Sebeyran12.710%0%
85Peter LeBeau12.720%0%
86Jonathan Saul12.6250%50%
87Doc Binder12.520%50%
88Sam Pascal12.420%50%
89Russ Dennis12.420%50%
90Michael DeMichellie12.310%0%
91Alexandre Auboyer12.210%0%
91Patrick Olivier12.220%100%
93Seva W.12.220%50%
94Bob Moran12.220%100%
95Peter McNamara12.110%0%
96Liam MacLean12.120%50%
97Yves Capion1210%100%
98Tim Richardson1220%100%
99Marcus Edholm11.910%0%
100Jeff Dwornicki11.920%100%
101Garry Sturley11.910%0%
101John Anderson11.910%0%
103Trevor Coleman11.720%50%
104Alex Noggle11.710%0%
105Karl Ronneburg11.610%100%
106Michael Lotfy11.610%0%
108Bryan Illana11.510%100%
108Christopher Moreman11.510%100%
110Stewart McDonald11.510%100%
111David Maletsky11.410%100%
111JP Graulty11.410%100%
113Ben Durfee11.310%100%
113Matt Lynch11.310%100%
115Dave Roberts11.310%100%
116Mike Galotto11.210%100%