OpenTribute Scoring System

OpenTribute scoring rewards players for surviving to a draw, for having a lot of supply centers, and especially for having the most supply centers, known as “topping the board”. The goal is to promote dynamic games where as many players as possible attempt to top the board and the outcome hangs in the balance as long as possible.

The way to get a big score in OpenTribute is to top the board with a lot of centers.  Players should aim to top the board, up to the point that there really is little hope of achieving it. In that case, players should aim to survive and keep the board-topper as small as possible.

In OpenTribute, all players begin with 34 points and receive 3 points per supply center.  Each player pays the board-topper 1 point in tribute for each center they are behind.  Thus, players with more centers pay less tribute (unlike in original Tribute).  Eliminated players still pay tribute, but the rest of their points are considered spoiled, resulting in a net score of 0 points.

Score = 34 + 3 × centers ± tribute – spoiled 

The total amount of tribute the board-topper receives does not depend on the number of survivors (unlike in original Tribute).  In OpenTribute, eliminating another player is only useful in so far as it helps to top the board or survive.  There are no scoring consequences for anyone besides the eliminated player.

Once all neutrals have been claimed, the score calculations simplify:

    • Lone board-toppers: 10 × centers
    • Non-topping survivors: 34 + 4 × centers – toppercenters
    • Eliminated players: 0

In the event of a solo, the soloist receives 340 points (10×34) and all other players receive 0.

If the board-top is shared, then a portion of the tribute is spoiled before being divided among the toppers (the spoiled portion is not returned to the other players).  If n players share the top, they split 1/n of the collected tribute, so that each receives 1/n2.  Thus, a board-top and a second place will beat two shared-tops of similar size.  Some events prefer to have no fractional scores, in which case the fraction can simply be eliminated.

Calculate scores in OpenTribute below or go to the comparison calculator to see how OpenTribute compares to other systems.